Partner Foundations
Children and adults with various health problems
League of Dreams
Support for children left without parental care
Good Deeds Bureau
Helping children suffering from incurable diseases
Targeted assistance for children with disabilities.
Moving Up
Support for pregnant women who are in difficult life situations
Women for Life
Helping patients and their families with various congenital vascular malformations
Wonder of the World
Monitoring the execution of decrees and instructions of the head of state
All-Russian People's Front
Helping children with cerebral palsy
Helping children in difficult life situations
Under the Banner of Good
Helping people with mental disabilities
I Am!
Assistance, employment, and training for pupils and graduates of orphanages and boarding schools
Ticket to Life
Supporting hospices and their patients
Helping orphans, children with serious illnesses, as well as the elderly
Bright Life
Supporting people with Down Syndrome
Love Syndrome
Support and protection of children and adults with mental disabilities and their families
• Year founded: 2014

• Founders: Sergey Belogolovtsev and Natalia Belogolovtseva

• Specialization: children and adults with various health problems, such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, visual and hearing impairments

“League of Dreams” helps to make the life of families with special children adequate and happy. Through therapeutic sports, we help children with disabilities overcome each day with dignity and happiness. We turned complex rehabilitation into a game: we replaced hospital wards with ski slopes and rollerdromes, and medical devices with sports equipment. “The League of Dreams” is a sports rehabilitation and socialization program for people with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, visual and hearing impairments, and other disabilities. The innovative program operates in 39 regions at 110 sports facilities.
"League of Dreams" charity foundation
• Year founded: 2012

• Founders: actors Egor Beroev and Kseniya Alferova

• Specialization: Helping people with mental disabilities

"Make people with Down syndrome and other mental disabilities feel at home in any society". This is exactly how the goal of the work of the charitable foundation “I am!” is formulated. Its founders are famous Russian actors Egor Beroev and Ksenia Alferova. About 50 people are involved in the work of the foundation as specialists and volunteers. There are many media personalities among them: friends, colleagues and acquaintances of Ksenia and Egor.
The organization specializes in project activities. For example, it conducts holidays, seminars and outings, during which people with mental disabilities and people “conventionally considered normal” can communicate, make friends and see for themselves that there are not so many differences between them as it might seem at first glance.
The foundation's largest project is called “Amazing home”. Together with the Moscow City Government, the “I am!” foundation arranges assisted living apartments in Moscow for graduates of psycho-neurological boarding schools for children. “Many of them, despite their peculiarities, could live independently, but they do not have the necessary skills for this,” the authors of the project explain.“Going to the shop, using a washing machine, cooking - all this is new to them. Assisted living apartments are a kind of training, after which a person gets a chance to live an independent life”.
"I Am!" Charity Foundation for the Support of People with Developmental Disabilities
• Year founded: 2012.

• Founders: Anna Chuprakova, Ninel Karaseva, Victoria Kalinicheva

• Specilization: support for children left without parental care

Ensure that children from orphanages do not repeat the fate of their parents. This goal is stated by the founders of the “Good Deeds Bureau” charity foundation. Its activities are aimed at helping orphanage graduates to adapt to life after graduation from an orphanage.

For example, the “Successful Future” program helps orphans with goal-setting: the fund's psychologists conduct classes related to understanding their interests, goals in life, help them choose which area is best to get an education in and build a career. The "Give a profession" program gives children from orphanages the opportunity to master one of the working specialties before graduating, thus guaranteeing themselves a stable income in an independent life.

The “Social apartments” fund project allows graduates of orphanages to learn the skills of home self-care: to learn how to plan a budget, manage a household and pay utility bills. “It is hard to imagine that in the 21st century there are those who do not know how to brew tea correctly and use an elevator. But this is exactly the case with children living within the confines of an orphanage. They are used to living with everything already set for them”, the authors of the project explain. Trial accommodation in a social apartment allows orphanage graduates to fill this gap.

The foundation also supports foster parents. Among the projects of the organization there is a video course called “School of easy teenagers”. “Its goal is to acquaint potential foster parents with the psychological features of children who have been in an orphanage for a long time”, the authors of the course explain.
"Good Deeds Bureau" Charity Foundation
• Year founded: 2018.

• Founders: Irina Agafonova, Alina Moskalenko, Marina Bolshakova

• Specialization: targeted assistance for children with disabilities

The fund's team offers three types of support to its charity recipients. Within the framework of the “PROmovement” program, the fund helps children with disabilities undergo rehabilitation programs in the best medical centres of the country. The second area (called “Moving Together”) involves the purchase of equipment for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities at home. The third type of assistance, the “Bird of Happiness” program, allows children with disabilities to spend quality leisure time. With the support of eager-to-help volunteers, they are able to go to the cinema, the theatre, and cafes.

To accomplish its tasks, the organization actively attracts donations. Also, activists systematically work on social networks: they showcase the details of their work, share the successes and failures of their charity recipients, and also report on spending the funds raised. “In the activities of the foundation, we follow the principles of absolute transparency, we are ready for any checks,” the founders of the “Movement Up” Foundation underscore on their website.
"Moving Up" Charity Foundation
Helping children with vascular pathologies

The main mission of the “Wonder of the World” charity foundation is to help patients and their families with various congenital vascular malformations: port-wine stains, hemangiomas, vascular malformations, as well as syndromes associated with this.

"Wonder of the World" Charity Foundation
• Year founded: established in 2007, events have been carried out since 2005

• Founders:
Alexander Zhukov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
Arkady Dvorkovich, President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Chairman of the "SKOLKOVO" Fund
Andrey Sharonov, president of the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management

• Chairman: Narek Sirakanyan

• Director: Natalya Davydova

• Specialization: helping children in difficult life situations

Activists of the sports club "Rosich", which works under the auspices of the government of the Russian Federation, as well as the amateur football club consisting of Russian pop stars "Starco", were the initiators of creating the"Under the Banner of Good" charity. Many famous artists, as well as representatives of the political establishment, act as donors and participants in the foundation's activities.

The foundation’s main specialization is helping children in need of expensive treatment. In 2020, the organization celebrated its 15th anniversary. It calculated that during this time the donors from "Under the Banner of Good" had provided targeted financial assistance to 5,930 children from 33 cities of Russia. The total amount of donations over 15 years has exceeded 354 million rubles.

Currently, the "Football - School of Life" program is being actively developed and put to use. It is supported by different regions, leading mass media and Ministries of the Russian Federation.
"Under the Banner of Good" Charitable Foundation
• Year founded: 2014.

• Founder: Natalya Moskvitina

• Specialization: support for pregnant women who are in difficult life situations

Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the number of abortions. The “Women for Life” Foundation is working to change these statistics. “All three of my pregnancies, I heard arguments against the birth of my kids and defended their right to be born,” Natalya Moskvitina, head of the foundation, shares her personal experience.“I was scared and lonely. Our charity foundation was created so that no woman will ever experience anything like this."

The “Women for Life” Foundation implements more than a dozen projects that allow the organization to respond to almost any request of a pregnant woman who found herself in a difficult life situation. The charity organization provides financial and medical assistance, legal advice, helps with food, things, and, if necessary, can provide temporary housing. The most in-demand service is psychological counselling. Using the fund's website, you can have almost immediate access to it. Another popular area is food assistance. The free food packages distributed by the foundation include pasta, milk, sugar, cereals, vegetable oil, flour, stew, sweets, cookies, as well as baby food and juice.

The organization has a volunteer team of about 5,000 people. “Thanks to caring people who cooperate with our foundation, 1961 babies were saved,” says the foundation's website.
"Women for Life"
Charitable Foundation
The All-Russian People's Front is a social movement created in May 2011 at the initiative of the president of the Russia Vladimir Putin. It unites active and caring citizens of the country. The Front's main objective is to monitor and control the implementation of decrees and instructions of the head of state, the fight against corruption and waste, ineffective spending of public funds, issues of improving the quality of life and protecting the rights of citizens.
All-Russian People's Front
• Year founded: 2009

• Founder: Viktor Semenovich Kharakidzyan, leader of “VIA Poyuschie Serdtsa”

• Specialization: helping children with cerebral palsy, spinal injuries, craniocerebral trauma, autistic children, children with Down syndrome, recovering after a stroke, with other consequences of damage to the central nervous and musculoskeletal system.

• The organization is included the register of socially-oriented NGOs

Viktor Kharakidzyan, the head of the legendary “VIA Poyuschie Serdtsa” (Singing Hearts) music band, is the founder and the mind behind the “Adeli Foundation”. Since the founding of the organization, the band has donated a part of its revenues to the work of this foundation.

The “Adeli” team sets itself the task of ensuring that families with a child with cerebral palsy can live a full and high-quality life. Therefore, the foundation begins any cooperation with the family with psychological counselling. The psychologist works primarily with parents so that they, in turn, can better help their special child.

In the stages that follow specialists and volunteers of the foundation provide comprehensive support for families with “special” children: they select rehabilitation programs, teach training methods at home, organize leisure activities, help the children to get an education, collect money for medical operations and necessary equipment.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the “Adeli” Charity Foundation summed up its work in numbers. It turned out that during this time the fund had helped 5796 “special” families, having collected 478 705 401 rubles for this purpose.
"Adeli" Charity Foundation
The Foundation helps children with incurable diseases receive full-fledged palliative care and supports their families.

The organization provides targeted financial assistance to terminally-ill children: we fulfill their wishes, provide parents with the help of a psychologist and a lawyer and hold events for children and parents.
"Alliance" charitable foundation for helping children with incurable diseases named after Anya Chizhova
• Year founded: 2011

• Specialization: helping orphans, children with serious illnesses, as well as the elderly

• Founders: Philip Shatrov, Anna Shatrova

The “Bright Life” Charity Foundation is based in St. Petersburg. During its work, its team has implemented several dozen multifaceted projects.They were mostly associated with supporting orphans, lonely pensioners, as well as helping children with serious illnesses.

The very first event organized by the foundation was called “Vitaminization”. Volunteers visited elderly people, helped them with cleaning, and bought food. Since 2013, the charitable foundation has been systematically working with orphanages in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Volunteers conduct master classes, creative workshops for children, and also participate in the life of children in orphanages as mentors.

The fund's team knows how to and loves to organize bright events. For example, the St. Petersburg Charity Marathon, which brings together hundreds of participants and attracts dozens of sponsors, has been held annually since 2015.. In 2018, “Bright Life” organized the legendary motivational speaker Nick Vujicic’s visit to St. Petersburg. Moreover, the “Bright Life” charity foundation is the developer of the “I want to help!” mobile application. It allows public organizations to communicate more effectively with both donors and recipients.
"Bright Life"
Charity Foundation
The foundation was established in November 2006 and quickly became the centre of the hospice movement in the country.

The Foundation is named after Vera Millionshchikova, the founder and chief physician of the First Moscow Hospice.

Today, the “Vera” Foundation is the only non-profit organization in Russia that systematically supports hospices and their patients. We are convinced that if a person cannot be cured, this does not mean that they cannot be helped.

“Vera” Hospice Aid Foundation
• Year founded: 2016.

• Specilization: supporting people with Down Syndrome
• Year founded: 1996.

• President: Maria Ostrovskaya

• Specialization: supporting and protecting children and adults with mental disabilities and their families, creating conditions for unraveling their potential

“Prospects” is a partnership of charitable organizations working to improve the lives of children and adults with severe disabilities, a public organization of social assistance to children and adults with disabilities.
• Year founded: 2002

• Chairman: Jamilya Aliyeva

• Specialization: helping children with cancer

• The organization is included in the register of socially-oriented NGOs

Treatment of a child with cancer is a long and difficult path both for the child and their parents. The Specialists of the “Nasten'ka” Charity Foundation work towards helping the family go through this path without loss. The organization identifies two key directions in its activities.

The first is called “Helping the Family.” As part of this program, the charitable foundation pays for the costs of diagnostics, the purchase of medication, commute to the place of treatment, as well as other expenses that parents of a sick child face. Since its inception, the foundation has helped more than 5,000 families in this area.

The second direction - "Helping the hospital" – is about providing assistance to the work of oncological institutions. “Nasten'ka” Charitable Foundation can cover the repair expenses of hospital premises or equipment that has gone out of service, can purchase new equipment for the hospital, or can organize training for staff to learn new methods of work.
"Nasten'ka" Charity Foundation
• Year founded: 2015

• Specialization: providing palliative medical care

About the centre:
1. All medical assistance at the Centre is provided free of charge.
2. Around-the-clock visits are allowed.
3. Relatives and loved ones can stay overnight.
4. You can visit with children of any age.
5. The centre also provides help at home.
"Moscow Multidisciplinary Centre for Palliative Care of the Moscow City Health Department" (CPC)
• Year founded: 2020.

• Founders: Anna Chuprakova, Ninel Karaseva, Victoria Kalinicheva

• Specialization: Assistance, employment, training of pupils and graduates of orphanages and boarding schools (orphans, children left without parental care, orphaned kids), as well as people with disabilities and other socially unprotected citizens, training specialists from orphanages, boarding schools, other workers in the social and educational sphere.
"Ticket to Life" Charitable Foundation